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Clinical and Basic Science Data Blitz

Once again, the APS Data Blitz will feature selected attendee presentations of new research in a rapid format. Presenters have 5 minutes to present data and 5 additional minutes for questions from the audience. The blitz will be moderated by Jennifer DeBerry, PhD; Alfonso Romero-Sandoval, MD PhD; Marie Hoeger Bement, PhD MPT; and Mark Bicket, MD. Congratulations to the accepted abstract authors!

Sphingosine Kinase 1 (SphK1) But Not SphK2 Is Necessary for the Development of Oxaliplatin-Induced Neuropathic Pain
Kathryn Braden, (Primary Author); Timothy Doyle, PhD; Milena Lauro; Daniela Salvemini, PhD

CGRPα Sensory Neurons Drive Chronic Neuropathic Pain Whereas CGRPα Peptide Signaling Mediates Incisional Pain
Ashley M. Cowie, BS (Primary Author); Francie Moehring; Hanmeng Zhang; Crystal O’Hara; Cheryl Stucky, PhD

Genetic and Physiological Dissection of Central Amygdala Neurons Reveals Pain-ON and Pain-OFF Cells in Mouse Models of Persistent Pain
Aleisha Khan, Postbac IRTA (Primary Author); Torri Wilson; Spring Valdivia; Helena Ahn; Yarimar Carrasquillo

Keratinocytes Mediate Mechanical Sensation via a Purinergic Signaling Mechanism
Francie Moehring, BS (Primary Author); Ashley M. Cowie; Anthony D. Menzel; Andy D. Weyer; Oleg Palygin; Cheryl Stucky, PhD

7-Year Longitudinal Trajectories of Pain in Women with Vulvodynia: Contributions of Treatment, Pain Characteristics, and Psychosocial Factors
Myriam Paquet (Primary Author); Marie-Pierre Vaillancourt-Morel; Jean-Francois Jodoin; Marc Steben; Sophie Bergeron

Cerebellar White Matter Volume Is Associated with Clinical and Experimental Pain in Older Individuals with Musculoskeletal Pain
Rachna Sannegowda (Primary Author); Desiree Lussier; Natalie Ebner, PhD; Yenisel Cruz-Almeida, PhD

Heat Shock Protein 90 Promotes Opioid Anti-Nociception in the Brain and Represses Opioid Anti-Nociception in the Spinal Cord Through the Differential Regulation of ERK MAPK Signaling
John Streicher, PhD (Primary Author); David I. Duron; Wei Lei; Carrie Stine; Brian Blagg

Activation of Peripheral Îβ and β3ARs Leads to Increased Modality-Specific Nociceptor Activity
Xin Zhang (Primary Author); Seungtae Kim; Sandra C. O’Buckley; Harrison Ballard; Andrea G. Nackley, PhD

Shared Interest Group (SIG) Meetings at the Scientific Summit

Attend an APS SIG meeting during the Scientific Summit. Some are offering CE!

Measurement of Pain and Its Impact, Geriatric Pain, and Nursing

Elizabeth Felix, PhD
Joseph Riley III, PhD
Keela Herr, RN FAAN PhD

This SIG meeting offers 1.0 hour of CE credit.

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Pain and Disparities

Mary Driscoll, PhD
Beverly Thorn, PhD

This SIG meeting offers 1.0 hour of CE credit.

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Pain in Sickle Cell Disease

Carlton Dampier, MD
Wally Smith, PiSCES

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New SIG! Headache SIG Business Meeting

Gregory Dussor, PhD

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Psychosocial Research

Beth Darnall, PhD
Pat Carroll, MD

This SIG meeting offers 1.0 hour of CE credit.

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Clinical Trials SIG Business Meeting

Chair: Neil Singla, MD

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Pain Education SIG Business Meeting

Shaheen Lakhan, MD
Talal Khan, MD

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Primary Care

David Tauben, MD
Jessica Merlin, MD

This SIG meeting offers 1.0 hour of CE credit.

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Basic Science SIG Business Meeting

Cochair: Jennifer DeBerry, PhD
Cochair: E. Alfonso Romero-Sandoval, MD PhD

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Pain in Infants, Children, and Adolescents

Elliot Krane, MD
Steve Weisman, MD

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Benjamin Morasco, PhD
Travis Lovejoy, PhD
Joseph Goulet, PhD

This SIG meeting offers 1.0 hour of CE credit.

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Ethics/Pain Rehabilitation

Tomer Anbar, PhD
Samantha Rafie, PhD

This SIG meeting offers 1.0 hour of CE credit.

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New SIG! Sex & Gender in Pain Analgesia

Chair: Carolina Beraldo Meloto

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Shaheen E. Lakhan, MD PhD
Felicia L Harrell, DNP(c) MSN
Michelle Dowdy, MSN NP

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Arrive in Anaheim Early to Take Advantage of Even More Education

Want to get more out of your time in Anaheim at this year's Scientific Summit? Consider arriving 1 day early to take advantage of multiple preconference events with actionable education for all areas and stages of careers in pain.

A Patient-Oriented Approach to Navigating the Transition from Acute to Chronic Pain: A Fundamental Course

This half-day course will have you examine real patient cases with experts and explore the basic, translational, and clinical science behind the transition, and analyze the multidisciplinary, patient-based approach to acute-to-chronic pain.

Check out this case Burel Goodin will address in his presentation at the course.

Learn more.

APS Conference on Analgesic Trials (APS-CAT)

Join us for the third annual APS Conference on Analgesic Trials, where you can interact with thought leaders and learn about the latest developments in improving clinical trials. Hundreds of your colleagues attended the first and second APS-CAT conferences, discussing design and conduct of analgesic clinical trials, networking with researchers from all disciplines, and facilitating collaboration in improving the accuracy and efficacy of clinical trials.

APS-CAT is a great place to connect with your fellow researchers and dive deep into the current state of clinical trials.

Learn more.

Six-Building Blocks Workshop: Implementing Team-Based Management of Chronic Opioid Therapy

Join APS at a brand new session for clinicians and other interprofessional specialists as speakers outline the process necessary to implement an effective multidisciplinary pain management practice using evidence-based treatment.

This session will focus on six concrete steps:

  1. leadership support for change

  2. effective clinic policies, patient agreements(contracts) and workflows related to chronic opioid therapy

  3. an opioid tracking and monitoring system

  4. planned, patient-centered “pain” visits

  5. resources for complex patients with addiction, opioid use disorder, or mental/behavioral health issues

  6. measurement of progress towards improved chronic opioid therapy management.

Learn more.

Meeting App Now Available 

Download the app for the APS 2018 Scientific Summit. Search for “APS 2018 Scientific Summit” in your app store and gain access to the schedule, speakers, poster list, and more! Download the app to make sure you have all of the up-to-date information about the Summit at the tip of your fingers.

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