June 2017
David Craig, PharmD | Editor


Pain Medicine Research Social Media Contest

You may have heard about the popular trend of hashtags catching on and increasing awareness for a field or specialized group of academics. If you haven’t check out the #ActualLivingScientist or #ILookLikeASurgeon and their respective The Verge and Washington Post articles. The APS Early Career Advisory Group (ECAG) is launching a similar initiative to find the optimal social media hashtag catchphrase to increase awareness and support for pain medicine clinicians and researchers, especially the outstanding colleagues we have in this society.

To participate, submit your hashtag idea (25 characters max) by July 15. ECAG will create a poll of the top 5 hashtags for APS members to vote on.

The winner whose hashtag is chosen will be featured in APS E-News and their picture will launch the social media storm of pain research support and comradery in August. Looking forward to your ideas!



Welcome New Members

APS is pleased to welcome and recognize the following new members who joined in May 2017:

Heather Allen

Saadyah Averick

Jessica Brooks

Jacques Chelly

Lilian Custodio-Patsey

Ddot Dan

Natalia Donici

Christopher Giarratani

George Houk

Talal Khan

Sheila Komara

Luke Larkin

Daniela Maria Menichella

Massieh Moayedi

Samuel Murala

Jennifer Oliver

April Saval

Marina Lopez Sola

Letitia Travaglini

Julie Vignato

Stephanie Washburn

Robert Weller

David Whitcomb