February 2016
David Craig, PharmD | Editor


The APS 2016 National Election is Open!

Regular members are welcome to participate in this important opportunity that shapes the goals and direction of the Society. Open positions include Secretary, three Directors-at-Large, and seven Nominating Committee members. The candidates who receive the most votes will be elected to the positions and roles will begin at the conclusion of the 2016 Annual Scientific Meeting.

Your login information was sent to your inbox via Vote Net ( Please use the designated username and password to access the election ballot.

Welcome New Members

APS is pleased to welcome and recognize the following new members from January 2016:

Sara Ahola Kohut

Sonja Bareiss

Tyler Beck

Katherine Beissner

Jackie Boyle

Suzanne Brooks

Laura Campbell

Jonathan Chin

Arsh Chopra

Charles Davis

Michael Dearborn

Mary Deli

Steven Dobscha

Daniel Eichorn

Olivia Eller

Lazar Feygin

Isabella Fuentes

Lauren Garbacz

Nayereh Ghoreishi-Haack

Heather Giles

Dustin Green

Judie Gutierrez

Kerry Hagen

Jennifer Hah

Meghan Helinski

Hannah Holmes

Sunday Ifedday

Ashley Junghans-Rutelonis

Jennifer Kawi

Yu Kim

Julie Kircher

Tiffany Lam

Julie Lawler

Yuan-Wen Lee

Alexandra Lesenskyj

Janelle Letzen

June Litmer

Catherine London

David Lucas

Rajivan Maniam

Justin Mann

Kimberly McIntyre

Matthew Morris

Caitlyn Moss

Sarah Nelson

Andrea Newman

Andrea Nicol

Mark Opal

Laura O'Shea

Sergio Parra

Alex Pressman

Raymond Quock

Corey Reeves

Keesha Roach

Andrew Russo

Prakaimuk Saraithong

Brendan Smith

Christy Thompson

Andrew Torck

Angelina Vickers

Joanna Woersching

Ying Wu

Keiko Yamada

Eser Yilmaz

Maisa Ziadni